About the Register

Around the world, each DOCOMOMO working party is compiling a register of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods for its geographic area.  The DOCOMOMO registers, including the fiche and research materials on each item, are held in the archive collection of the Netherlands Architectural Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. At last count, they illustrated about 800 buildings and sites from more than 35 countries. 

The DOCOMOMO registration criteria cover a place’s technical, social, historical and aesthetic/cultural significance and value and its canonical status. Canonical status refers to whether a building is known and has had an impact at the local, national or international level.

DOCOMOMO New Zealand is working towards a register of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods.  To this end, a database of approximately 400 places has been compiled.  The database is the responsibility of the DOCOMOMO New Zealand Registers Coordinator and is not available to the public at this time.